The owner of this place is a very nice person. He is always willing to work with you. The place is very friendly and well kept. He has a very good selection of games ranging from old school systems like a Sega to the new ones like Wiis. Has a variety of board games for grownups and kids. Great selection of comics and accessories. Very fair price.

Thomas B

Gaming stores are closing all over the country. Nice folks run this place. If you need something but don't see it, just ask. They probably have it in back.

Tobias G

Great little Local Comic Shop. Only one in Sedalia, but happy to have it here! The owner is fair, and will help you order anything u need!

Leeanna H

I always find something here, either it be games, systems, or just about anything that involves gaming, or board games, and card games (Pokémon, Magic The Gathering etc.). I really like this store and the owner is really nice. Always get a good deal when selling my games.

Clay B

I love the atmosphere here. Plenty of friendly people. This place features both Pokémon and Magic the Gathering tournaments, provides an excellent array of board and card games, retro game systems, and comics. If they don't have what you want, they are willing to track it down for you.

Shelaena B

Staff here is very friendly and always happy to help. I've been going here ever since I was a kid, and have never had an issue.

Blake H

This is a very interesting place to be. If you want to go somewhere where they are serious about games and all things related to games, go here!

Joanna M.

Lots of good games and merch.

Nathan W.

Game Zone provides an exceptional experience. The Pick and Pull program ensures I never miss any of my favorite books. In addition the retro games and customer service is second to none.

Donald R.

The owner has been really helpful. Orders 2 titles I read. Let's me know when they come in. Has them bagged and boarded ready to go every time. Has a good selection of other things as well.

James H.

This place is amazing. I loved the fact that it was more then just a comic book store. It had tabletop games, old videogames, as well as old comics for cheap. I have recently gotten into collecting comic books and the fact they had old comics for $1 made me happy. I am going to come back again and again.

Raven L.

This place is amazing!! Perfect for entire family..for games and books! U simply must go there!

Cyndi W

Best retro shop in town, the owner was able to help me find 2 games I was looking for, definitely recommend

Addison S.